Personal & small group training at Werribee

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We offer personal training and group training. This includes small group training sessions run by our personal trainers and VU Master Movers, tailored programs for adults over 50.

We'll help you get the most out of your training sessions so that you can achieve your health and fitness goals faster.

With expert advice and support from our experienced trainers you will be continually challenged and enjoy a whole new training experience.

Personal training membership

A personal trainer can help you:

  • create a customised training plan that suits your needs
  • recover from old injuries that are giving you trouble
  • kick-start healthy habits
  • bring variety to your workouts
  • renew your confidence if you feel you have not been successful exercising on your own
  • keep accountable and consistent in your training
  • avoid injury by demonstrating proper exercise techniques
  • exercise safely around pre-existing medical conditions.

You will work with our specialised trainers using the latest training principles in 45 minute sessions.

Your first session involves a comprehensive induction with your trainer to discuss your goals and create a tailored program for you.

Group fitness coaching

Improve your fitness and be part of an awesome team in an encouraging, motivating environment.

Group Fitness Coaching is small group training session run by a personal trainer. All sessions are 45-minutes long with a maximum of 8 participants per session.

Group Fitness Coaching is included with all of our memberships at no additional charge.

We currently offer three styles of Group Fitness Coaching:

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT pairs high energy efforts with short rest periods to maximise fitness gains and burn more calories. Our coaches will provide support and motivation to help you set new limits as you work your way through high-intensity circuits containing strength, cardio and core exercises.

Functional Strength

Make the most of every day by strengthening your muscles and improving your movement quality in our Functional Strength class. We draw on a range of full-body resistance exercises including body weight, free weight and machine weight options to ensure your strength workout is not only enjoyable, but also effective.

Core and Mobility

Our Core & Mobility class focuses on developing strength around your abdominals, back, hips and glutes. We also pair in joint mobility exercises and stretching to increase your range of motion and build your flexibility.

VU Master Movers

Master Movers is a suite of affordable exercise programs designed by Victoria University Sport, to help adults over 50 get active and stay heathy, in a supportive and social environment.

Master Movers currently consists of 3 programs, each tailored to different stages of the fitness journey.

Master Movers

Our flagship program, Master Movers is a gentle chaired-based group exercise class incorporating strength, balance, and co-ordination exercises.

Master Movers Strength

During this fully supervised gym-based class, a qualified exercise professional will guide participants through an individualised strength training program.

Master Movers Sustain

An autonomous gym session for participants who have completed an induction through the Master Movers Strength program.


We offer a free trial for all Master Movers programs.

MembershipSingle visit10 visits20 visits50 visits
$13.68 per week*$7$6.30**$5.95**$5.60**

*All direct debit memberships are debited monthly at the start of each month.

**Per visit cost, all visits must pre-purchased in one transaction.