Literary Studies

Unit set code: AMALIT | Study level: Undergraduate | Unit set type: Major
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This major provides an integrated set of units in literary studies. It builds on the minor in literary studies and broadens student understanding of contemporary and historical literary themes and texts. Students are introduced to different scholarly positions that shape contemporary commentary, and are invited to consider the impact of different speaking positions on how the field of literary studies is being shaped. Assessment tasks for the major include short exercises, oral presentations, essays, and formal examinations. The major includes capstone units, which provide students with the opportunity to draw on their learning in their major, and develop the capacity to apply this learning in new contexts.

Unit set structure

For a Major, students must complete the following 96 credit points (8 units) of study:

What is a unit?

A full course is made up of several smaller topics or subjects. These are referred to as 'units'.
Most courses have compulsory 'core' units, as well as optional units.


'Credit points' are the value that each unit contributes towards your course.
Most units at VU are worth 12 credit points. You will need to complete the required course credit points to graduate.

Units within this unit set

Students selecting this as Major 1 must choose:

Students are required to complete only one pair of capstone units in their degree (either ACX3005 Graduating Project 1 & ACX3006 Graduating Project 2 or ACX3007 Studio Project 1 & ACX3008 Studio Project 2). Students should select the capstone units offered for their preferred major and then replace the capstone units in the second major with 2 Level three units from a related Discipline major.

As part of a course

This unit set is studied as part of the following course(s):

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