Research Project Part B

    Unit code: NEF6002 | Study level: Postgraduate
    (Generally, 1 credit = 10 hours of classes and independent study.)
    City Campus
    Footscray Park
    Online Real Time
    VU Brisbane
    VU Sydney
    For Master of PM students: EPM5640 - Research Methods For Master of Applied IT students: Minimum 60 CPs and NIT6041 OR NIT6043 OR NEF6001 OR NEF6101.
    (Or equivalent to be determined by unit coordinator)


    This unit provides an opportunity for students to undertake research in a specialised area relevant to their own area of work or interest and/or related to theories explored in their master degree study. The unit provides students with a firm foundation from which they can undertake a research problem. The requirements of this unit have been developed to enhance students’ theoretical application in problem solving, communication skills, individual and group project participation and other professional capabilities necessary for their degree. Students will apply and synthesise knowledge and skills to develop an in-depth understanding of managing projects in contemporary and emergent settings. They will apply knowledge and technical skills to the investigation of a contemporary research problem, thereby making a contribution to the disciplinary evidence-base research. A final report of approximately 8000 words should be submitted at the end of the project. This unit is typically following the completion of NEF6001 Research Project A.

    Learning Outcomes

    On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

    1. Select an appropriate research methodology based on the content of the research;
    2. Demonstrate an understanding of the research process and a systematic approach to the investigation of their specialised area;
    3. Articulate and apply literature review strategies to critically analyse the existing literature;
    4. Prepare a rigorous research report addressing an important research problem; and
    5. Draw conclusions and make recommendations to a variety of audiences – specialised and non-specialised.


    For Melbourne campuses

    Assessment type: Presentation
    Grade: 20%
    Project Presentation
    Assessment type: Report
    Grade: 30%
    Progress Report
    Assessment type: Report
    Grade: 50%
    Final Report (approx. 8000 words)

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