Project Program and Portfolio Management

    Unit code: EPM5510 | Study level: Postgraduate
    (Generally, 1 credit = 10 hours of classes and independent study.)
    Footscray Park


    Project, Program and Portfolio Management (PPPM) will introduce students to senior management decision-making models. Portfolio management involves prioritisation, risk assessment and deployment of resources across an entire organisation to achieve benefits to the whole-of-business. In contrast, program management identifies benefits and realises outcomes across programs and projects. PPPM concentrates on the development of a realistic picture of an organisation’s business and future strategy and how to best use company resources to achieve beneficial results. These resources include adopting standards across an enterprise, developing staff competency through education and training, and implementing reporting regimes to provide senior management with information for sound decision making. Program Management feeds into portfolio decision making by providing accurate and real-time data, quality assurance across programs and projects and ensuring consistent processes are maintained.

    Learning Outcomes

    On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

    1. Discriminate between the concepts of project, program and portfolio management and articulate the key features of each;
    2. Extrapolate a known or unknown organisational context of a Program Management Office;
    3. Critically analyse a Portfolio Services Organisation and how it relates to the strategic direction of an organisation; and
    4. Conceptually map reporting chains and systems within an organisation and relate them to theoretical models of decision-making.


    For Melbourne campuses

    Assessment type: Test
    Grade: 10%
    Assessment type: Case Study
    Grade: 40%
    Research and report
    Assessment type: Assignment
    Grade: 50%
    Group report and presentation

    Required reading

    Reading materials and other resources will be provided on VU Collaborate.

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