JVU0049 - Planning and Execution in Transportation Management

    Unit code: JVU0049 | Study level: TAFE
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    This unit will help you to prepare for the implementation stage of your SAP Transportation Management project or enable you to configure the system in your role as an application consultant. This unit explains all necessary configuration and master data to enable manual and automatic transportation planning in SAP Transportation Management. You will be able to set up the transportation network. Furthermore, you will be able to configure transportation relevance for both, orders and deliveries, create freight units, and manage packaging. You will configure various planning scenarios (interactive and automatic) as well as explore subcontracting processes and load optimisation. You will be able to facilitate transportation execution using SAP Transportation Management including the integration with SAP Extended Warehouse Management, output management, and event tracking.

    Learning Outcomes

    On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

    1. Create transportation network master data;
    2. Create transportation relevance for orders and deliveries;
    3. Understand manual and automatic planning processes in SAP TM;
    4. Understand planning processes in SAP TM from a shipper's perspective;
    5. Create configuration for various planning scenarios;
    6. Execute load planning;
    7. Set up transportation execution tracking; and,
    8. Integrate SAP TM with SAP Extended Warehouse Management for transportation execution.


    There are no defined assessment requirements for this unit.

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