This unit (NEM2104) builds upon knowledge from first year units by introducing students to the application of numerical techniques to model, simulate and predict the behaviour of fundamental mechanical systems and processes. Numerical modelling is becoming increasing employed in designing engineering systems and solutions. The unit exposes student to modern computing tools that are widely used in industry. Students will study various relevant topics including: Generating numerical solutions to Ordinary Differential Equations; the application of statistical techniques to real data such as seismic events, wind energy, ocean wave data and environmental shocks and vibrations;; Modelling events such as collisions and particle trajectories using numerical differentiation and integration; how to capture and generate signals using modern analogue/digital conversion devices; Produce graphical visualisation of multi-dimensional data. All the topics in the unit will be studied using real-life applications of engineering and physical phenomena.

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NEF1201 - Engineering Mathematics 2

NEF1104 - Problem Solving for Engineers

NEF1205 - Engineering Fundamentals

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Perform linear regression analysis on real data and interpret the results;  
  2. Generate well-defined graphical representations of results and interpret graphical information;  
  3. Employ numerical differentiation and integration techniques for a range of dynamic events;  
  4. Implement and interpret statistical analyses and generate best-fitting probability functions; and  
  5. Apply numerical techniques to solve simple ordinary differential equations for engineering applications.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Test Open book test (45 mins) 20%
Test Open book test (45 mins) 25%
Test Open book test (45 mins) 25%
Portfolio Portfolio 30%

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