SIRXOSM007 - Manage risk to organisational reputation in an online setting

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Unit code: SIRXOSM007 | Study level: TAFE
Footscray Nicholson


This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to develop and implement processes for managing risks to an organisation’s reputation associated with social media and online engagement, including the impacts of online negative commentary, complaints and criticism.
It requires the ability to develop a social media crisis management plan and other processes to monitor and respond to issues and incidents.
It applies to individuals who work at a senior level who operate independently, can have responsibility for others and are responsible for making a range of operational and strategic decisions.This unit applies to self-employed individuals, and owners and employees of any type of micro, small, medium or large organisation that utilises social media and online tools for customer engagement including commercial, not-for-profit and government organisations.


For Melbourne campuses

Assessment tasks will be designed to reinforce & extend knowledge and skill competence within set & controlled parameters in accordance with each units learning outcomes & performance criteria requirements, including the setting of work based practical application tasks designed to provide evidence of competence outcomes, within periodic and scheduled timelines.

Students will be expected to demonstrate the following required skills:

  • for a particular organisation, identify significant risks to reputation and develop one social media and online crisis management plan to deal with potential damaging issues and incidents
  • develop and communicate written policies and procedures covering all of the following issues:
  • schedule for monitoring social media and online, and external review pages
  • schedule for analysing and assessing online performance data
  • designated response times for customer compliments, complaints, negative commentary and bad reviews
  • standard responses that can be used for common circumstances, including holding responses
  • guidelines on the use of appropriate language for responding to positive and negative comments
  • issues that should be escalated and referred to managers
  • guidelines for removing comments, and reporting, blocking and banning users
  • respond to customer communications covering:
  • two escalated complaints, giving consideration to previous organisational communications, and take measures to resolve
  • two bad reviews
  • implement crisis management processes in response to one crisis, including allocation of responsibilities to personnel.

Required reading

The qualified trainer and assessor will provide teaching and learning materials as required in the form of workbooks produced by the VU Polytechnic and/or via the VU Polytechnic e-learning system.

As part of a course

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