JYU0007 - International Perspectives - Globalisation, People and the Environment

    Unit code: JYU0007 | Study level: TAFE
    City Campus
    Footscray Park


    This unit of study will introduce students to globalisation, paying particular attention to contemporary debates surrounding globalisation and the ways in which human lives are affected by globalisation’s many different aspects.

    The impact of globalisation throughout the world is uneven and the costs and benefits of globalisation can be associated with governance. Students will consider a range of questions including: what is understood by the term “globalisation”; how did globalisation arise; to what degree will globalisation continue to encroach upon the community; what major issues is humankind facing as a result of globalisation; how might these issues be successfully dealt with.

    This unit will prepare students to “think globally”, by providing them with examples and case studies which will foster a critical understanding of the economic, social, political, cultural and environmental forces which are re-shaping the lives of peoples and nations world-wide. The unit may include discussion in areas such as the environment and resources, international trade, transnational terrorism and security, international development, health, human rights and social justice, and global communications.

    Learning Outcomes

    On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

    1. Discuss opposing definitions and theories of globalisation;
    2. Explain the social, cultural, political and economic effects of globalisation and its impact on society at a local and global level;
    3. Outline the costs and benefits of globalisation on the environment, global resources and the way it directly affects people’s lives around the world;
    4. Examine the governance and management of problems that arise due to globalisation; and
    5. Apply a range of learning strategies in a tertiary learning environment.


    For Melbourne campuses

    Assessment type: Journal
    Grade: 20%
    Three entries in a personal reflective journal examining perspectives and causes of globalisation (450 words)
    Assessment type: Review
    Grade: 20%
    Media Analysis - utilise reading strategies on two articles and/or pictorials on area of interest
    Assessment type: Portfolio
    Grade: 30%
    Evaluate a selection of artifacts using multimedia and online capabilities on the effects of globalisation
    Assessment type: Essay
    Grade: 30%
    Investigate a topic and develop a well-constructed and referenced essay

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