Speech Pathology Assessment Practices 3

Unit code: HHB4003 | Study level: Undergraduate
(One credit point is usually equivalent to one hour of study per week)
Footscray Park
HHB4002 - Speech Pathology Assessment Practices 2
(Or equivalent to be determined by unit coordinator)


This unit builds further on Speech Pathology Assessment Practices 1 and 2 by focusing on the interpretation of data gathered through speech pathology assessment. The unit will draw on various biopsychosocial frameworks that support the clinical diagnosis of communication and/or swallowing disorders and the description of their impact on the individual, their family, and communities they participate in. This will be explored with reference to practice areas and professional engagement within the broader professional, regulatory, ethical and legal frameworks in which speech pathology practice occurs. Students will apply these frameworks within inquiry, case based, simulation and reflective learning activities.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Synthesise analysis of data and interpret findings in relation to appropriate biopsychosocial models and frameworks;
  2. Evaluate prognostic factors associated with a case using appropriate scientific evidence;
  3. Identify gaps in assessment information and select and justify methods for gathering further information to inform clinical decision making; and
  4. Justify appropriate recommendations as to client candidacy for further speech pathology management and interventions and/or other services as appropriate.


For Melbourne campuses

Assessment type: Report
Grade: 30%
Two (2) draft reports providing diagnostic interpretations of speech pathology assessment data (2000 words)
Assessment type: Examination
Grade: 40%
2 x case-based oral exams involving presentation and response to questions of analysis & interpretation of speech pathology assessment data (2x15mins)
Assessment type: Report
Grade: 30%
One (1) final written assessment report for one client detailing client background, assessment processes, analysis and recommendations

Required reading

Students will be directed to relevant professional and clinical guidelines as well as scientific literature in texts and journals.

As part of a course

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