Healthy, Active Individuals and Communities

Unit code: EEC1104 | Study level: Undergraduate
(Generally, 1 credit = 10 hours of classes and independent study.)
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This unit provides you with content knowledge for teaching Health, Physical Education, Personal and Social Learning at the early and middle years of childhood and facilitates the development of health literacy skills and knowledge required to make educational settings and communities, healthy, safe and active places. A series of individual, small group and whole group activities will assist students to build confidence in developing positive learning environments and engaging learning activities. You will develop skills and knowledge to engage in critical inquiry and determine how best to support and facilitate children’s learning in the area of Health, enhance your own and others’ health and activity practices, and recognise and respect the social values and identities of individuals from diverse social and cultural contexts.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Review approaches used to develop the health literacy of children in early and middle years;
  2. Examine the Health & Physical Education and Personal & Social Capability curriculum and its associated teaching and learning principles, procedures and resources;
  3. Design activities for Health & Physical Education that draw on a range of teaching strategies to cater for the diversity of children’s interests and capabilities;
  4. Collaboratively examine a range of frameworks for health promotion at the early and middle years of childhood;

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For Melbourne campuses

Assessment type: Report
Grade: 30%
Review individual activity
Assessment type: Exercise
Grade: 40%
Teaching of movement skills to children.
Assessment type: Presentation
Grade: 30%
Group Poster Presentation

Required reading

Health and physical education: preparing educators for the future.
Callcott, D., Miller, J., & Wilson-Gahan, S., (2015).| Cambridge University Press.

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