Doctoral Industry Project Placement

Unit code: ROP8003 | Study level: Postgraduate
Footscray Park
Confirmation of Candidature
(Or equivalent to be determined by unit coordinator)
PhD Research enrolment
(Corequisite units must be studied concurrently with this unit)


ROP8003 Doctoral Industry Project Placement  is an elective unit within both the PhD and PhD (Integrated) programs at VU and is a key element of the VU Doctoral Industry Experience Program (DIEP). Through involvement in a relevant industry project, the unit  provides an opportunity for post-Confirmation of Candidature/Pre-Submission doctoral candidates to capitalise on and extend the transferable skills developed throughout the research process and to become explicitly externally focused – toward industry, the workplace and wider social concerns. 

ROP8003 Doctoral Industry Project Placement should be focused around the student’s involvement in a particular project and be relevant to the student and of value to the Host Industry Partner. 

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Integrate into a professional workplace and form collaborative relationships;
  2. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the application of transferable skills in an industry context;
  3. Identify and specify how they have developed and/or applied transferrable skills
  4. Identify examples of problem solving and overcoming challenges
  5. Build skills of written and spoken professional communication
  6. Reflect on their career development pathway and set future professional goals


For Melbourne campuses

ROP8003 Doctoral Industry Project Placement will be assessed by a combination of the Host Industry Partner and the academic supervisor by means of a series of documents covering planning, reflecting and evaluation. Where the placement is organised by the Australian Mathematical and Science Association (AMSI) via the APR Intern Scheme, AMSI will also contribute to the assessment. AMSI has been contracted by the Australian Government to manage an internship scheme for graduate researchers in Australian universities.

Assessment type: Other
Grade: Pass/Fail
Onsite OHS checklist
Assessment type: Journal
Grade: Pass/Fail
Journal for placement planning and ongoing reflection
Assessment type: Report
Grade: Pass/Fail
Report by student on completed placement
Assessment type: Other
Grade: Pass/Fail
Completed Evaluation by Host Organisation or AMSI

Required reading

The Placement will be preceded by a guided discussion with the research supervisor regarding the role of the Industry Project Placement in the wider context of career goals and planning. Students will be required to read any relevant materials provided by the Academic Research Supervisor, VU Research and/or the Host Industry Partner before the Placement begins, and in the case of an AMSI Internship, any documentation provided for by AMSI APR Intern.

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