CPCPGS3049 - Install gas appliance flues

Unit code: CPCPGS3049 | Study level: TAFE
CPCPCM2043 - Carry out WHS requirements and
CPCPCM3021 - Flash penetrations through roofs and walls
(Or equivalent to be determined by unit coordinator)


This unit specifies the skills and knowledge required to install and test flues for gas appliances in accordance with relevant regulatory authority and jurisdictional requirements.


For Melbourne campuses

Assessment tasks will be designed to reinforce & extend knowledge and skill competence within set & controlled parameters in accordance with each unit’s learning outcomes & performance criteria requirements, incl the setting of work based practical application tasks designed to provide evidence of competence outcomes, within periodic and scheduled timelines.
Students will be expected to demonstrate the following required skills:
* installing, testing and flashing as required:
* a fan-assisted flue
* a natural draft flue
* a mild steel flue from a boiler flue spigot to terminate above the roofline.

Required reading

The qualified trainer and assessor will advise students of class notes, reading materials produced by VU Polytechnic and further support via VU Polytechnic e-learning system and/or in person.

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