Clinical Skills 1

Unit code: HBS1104 | Study level: Undergraduate
(Generally, 1 credit = 10 hours of classes and independent study.)
City Campus
HBO1002 - Biomedical Science for Osteopathy 2
(Or equivalent to be determined by unit coordinator)


Clinical Skills 1 introduces students to clinical communication, examination, and management within the context of osteopathic practice. Students commence their development of patient communication through history taking relating to a musculoskeletal complaint. Osteopathic management techniques for the upper extremity are explored in this unit, with students being able to commence their manual and non-manual therapy patient management skills.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Apply the principles of informed consent and obtain consent from a simulated patient;
  2. Articulate aspects of the history taking process and record key components of a presenting complaint;
  3. Perform and interpret a clinical and musculoskeletal physical examination of the upper extremity;
  4. Review diagnostic approaches for clinical conditions of the upper extremity; and
  5. Apply and explain osteopathic manual techniques and management for the upper extremity.


For Melbourne campuses

The first assessment assesses the students’ ability to competently undertake and note a clinical history, as well as their ability to obtain informed consent. The CBL worksheets are case studies that simulate a common presenting complaint to osteopathic practice spanning the full scope of osteopathic practice: from history taking to prognosis and management. The third assessment familiarises students with the final assessment by performing a practice peer-driven attempt under exam conditions. It also aims to develop students’ feedback literacy. The final observed performance in a simulated setting assesses the student's capacity to competently perform an assessment of and management for a simulated case related to the upper extremity, as well as obtain informed consent.

Assessment type: Report
Grade: 10%
History Taking (300 words)
Assessment type: Case Study
Grade: 30%
Group CBL Worksheets (300 words)
Assessment type: Practicum
Grade: 10%
Practice Observed Performance in a Simulated Setting (OPSS)
Assessment type: Examination
Grade: 50%
30 minute Final Observed Performance in a Simulated Setting (OPSS) (Hurdle Requirement)

Required reading

Students will be provided with an up-to-date reading list via the VU Collaborate system.

Clinical Sports Medicine Volume 1
Bruker, S. & Kahn, K. (2019)| New York, US: McGraw-Hill Education
Orthopaedic physical assessment.
Magee, D. (2018)| St Louis, US: Elsevier Saunders.
Greenman's Principles of Manual Medicine
DeStefano, L. (2016)| Philadelphia, US: Lippincott Williams Wilkins

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