CHCVOL001 - Be an effective volunteer

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Unit code: CHCVOL001 | Study level: TAFE
Footscray Nicholson


This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to work effectively as a volunteer in a variety of capacities and contexts.


For Melbourne campuses

Assessment tasks will be designed to reinforce and extend knowledge and skill competence within set and controlled parameters in accordance with each unit’s learning outcomes and performance criteria requirements, including the setting of work based practical application tasks designed to provide evidence of competence outcomes, within periodic and scheduled timelines.

Students will also be expected to demonstrate the following knowledge:
*legal and ethical considerations for volunteer work and how these are applied in organisations, including:
-rights and responsibilities of volunteer, colleagues, organisation and customers and/or consumers
-privacy, confidentiality and disclosure
-mandatory reporting volunteering as a choice and as being based on reciprocity
*how personal values and attitudes may impact on work as a volunteer
*the need for relevant background checks to be undertaken by the organisation
*mandatory training requirements
*organisation expectations of volunteers
*valuing self as a volunteer
*personal motivations for volunteering
*personal expectations to be gained from volunteer work
*the volunteering sector including the nature of volunteer work, the importance of volunteer work to the community and principles of volunteering
*organisation structure, processes, policies and procedures
*Universal declaration on volunteering and current national volunteering codes and standards

Required reading

The qualified trainer and assessor will provide teaching and learning materials as required in the form of workbooks produced by the Victoria University Polytechnic and/or via the Polytechnic e-learning system.

As part of a course

This unit is studied as part of the following course(s):

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