This unit (APP3034) examines historical and current psychological theories and practices. It will also critically examine the relative merits and limitations of schools of psychology such as; psychoanalysis, behaviourism, cognitivism, biological psychology and critical psychology. The evolution of psychological theory and practice will be explored, with a particular emphasis on what constitutes ethical, culturally appropriate, and evidence-based assessment and intervention practice.

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APP2014 - Psychology 2B and

HPP2001 - Developmental Psychology

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Elucidate the evolution of psychology as a discipline;  
  2. Critique the tenets and methods of inquiry within particular schools of psychology;  
  3. Critically reflect upon what constitutes ethical and culturally appropriate assessment practice;  
  4. Critically evaluate the scientific evidence base for psychological interventions; and  
  5. Elucidate their preferred theoretical approach to psychology.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Test Tests on theoretical content (2 Tests - 1 hour and worth 10% each) 20%
Presentation Group (2-3) presentation critically evaluates a psychological survey (15 minutes) and submission of powerpoint slides & individual presentation notes 40%
Essay Reflective critical essay on paradigms of psychology (1500 words) 40%

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