This unit (ACW2026) explores gendered constructions of femininities and masculinities through popular cultural practices by investigating themes of representation in a variety of old and new textual forms, including film, television, streaming sites, video games, social media, performance, art and even radio and books. The unit critically considers the implications of popular culture in construction of gendered selves. It offers a reflective gaze in illustrating and understanding processes of objectification and sexualisation in the context of contemporary popular representation. Gender in popular culture introduces students to the limitations of gendered narratives in popular culture with a focus upon the field of cultural studies.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Investigate theories of gender representation, sexualisation and objectification in popular culture;  
  2. Critically review a variety of 'texts' through a gender lens;  
  3. Interpret through the creation of a media product, gendered constructions of femininities and masculinities; and  
  4. Critically reflect on debates around gender in popular cultural practices.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Poster Illustrate a body silhouette reflecting through a gender lens popular culture influences with a short explanation. 20%
Journal Post and respond in a blog format throughout the unit illustrating and reflecting upon learning. 30%
Exercise Respond to a set of questions on the field trip 15%
Project Demonstrate social research skills in semi-structured interviewing through the creation of a podcast interview on gender and popular culture. 35%

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