This unit (WDB1007) provides students with an understanding of organisational behaviour and management theory and its application in Australia and other countries and consider communication processes, and quality of working life. Students critically assess the underlying values of these theories to determine the utility and application of management practices informed by these theories in the Australian and international context. Students will also analyse critically the values of Australian managers and managers in other cultural contexts concerning behaviour in organisations, and evaluate the impact of these on management practise. • This unit of study includes the following topics: overview of the development of organisation/management theory; analysis of scientific management, human relations theory; individual behaviour/perception, personality, learning, motivation; group behaviour: group dynamics, conflict resolution and leadership. Students will extrapolate the application of these theories, concepts and principles through structured case studies. Students will also investigate issues of gender, ethnicity and age.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Critically analyse management practices in the Australasian and international contexts;  
  2. Evaluate organisation behaviour and management theory and critically analyse the underlying values of these theories;  
  3. Investigate the impact of management theories on practical management decision making in the Australasian and international contexts;  
  4. Develop skills and knowledge with regard to individual and group behaviour in the context of organisations and their environment and applying these to achieve organisational goals;  
  5. Apply ethical concepts in contemporary business settings and critique how they relate to the individual in a work and societal context, and  
  6. Communicate a contextualised knowledge and understanding of management and organisation behaviour theory and practice in written and oral form.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Other Workbook (500 words) 10%
Assignment Group Activity (Learning in the Workplace) (500 words) 20%
Assignment Research Essay (500 words) 20%
Examination Final Examination (1.5 hours) 50%
NESB students will have an additional 15 minutes reading time in the Examination.

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