In this specialist unit, students will design and manage a contemporary food, wine and catering service, on-the-job in VU Polytechnic's fully equipped training bar and restaurant (VenU). They will learn and apply a broad range of management and service management principles and work collaboratively to get real-world experience as a manager in a hospitality environment. Embedded in this unit are key industry-standard compliance requirements (Responsible Service of Alcohol and Safe Food Handling) ensuring that students are work-ready for their hospitality career.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate and apply theoretical knowledge of the hospitality sector (including relevant standards and legislation) as pertains to the successful operation and management of food, wine and catering services within a hospitality setting;  
  2. Design and manage a contemporary food, wine and catering service based on service management principles and the identification, analysis and evaluation of a range of appropriate sources (both theoretical and practical);  
  3. Demonstrate problem-solving, decision-making and communication skills during a contemporary food, wine and catering service;  
  4. Reflect upon their ability to work as part of a coherent team, including the ability to: solve real-world problems in a timely and effective manner; manage resources; work within a multi-cultural workforce; and achieve specific goals; and  
  5. Analyse their ability to adapt and apply management concepts, principles and theories as relevant to the hospitality sector.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Presentation Present written proposal on managing restaurant service. 30%
Test Weekly knowledge tests (online) 20%
Practicum Manage restaurant service – practical 20%
Report Final report and reflection 30%

Required reading

Food and Beverage Management, (6th edition),
Davis, B., Lockwood, A., Alcott, P. & Pantelidis, I., (2018),
Routledge, London UK and New York USA.

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