This unit is based on a series of problems designed to both introduce students to systematic problem solving methods and to build on and apply knowledge introduced in other first year semester 1 units. The problems will focus on a range of issues related to engineering practice and sustainability. Students will be required to undertake data analysis and manipulation using various computing tools, including spreadsheet software and fundamental programming techniques.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Apply fundamental knowledge of mathematics and science to solving engineering problems;  
  2. Plan and adapt systematic approaches to solving engineering problems;  
  3. Undertake data analysis and manipulation using various computing tools, including spreadsheet software and fundamental programming techniques in solving problems;  
  4. Identify, propose and initiate solutions to broad sustainability issues related to engineering problems; and  
  5. Work individually and collaboratively, as both a team member and leader, to complete tasks and evaluate own and others' performance.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Assignment Problem solving class activities 30%
Case Study Group report and presentation 30%
Test Four (4) Class Tests 40%
For any team assessment, a percentage of student's mark is based on observations of their contribution to the overall task, as such; attendance is mandatory in the workshops.

Required reading

Introduction to Engineering: Modelling and Problem Solving, 1st edn.,
Jay Brockman, 2008,

Handbook of Communication Skills for First Year Students in the College of Engineering and Science, 10th edn.,
VU 2013, College of Arts,
Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.

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