The aim of this unit is to expand students' understanding and skills on strategies to enhance players, coaches / instructors, scorers, committee members and umpire / referee participation in organised and non-organised sport. Strategies may vary according to, for example, children, adults, gender, cultural or economic background, age bracket, or the life stage of the participant. Students will work with a selected club on strategies to recruit and retain a targeted group of participants and develop a resource to assist them in the workplace to attract and sustain participants.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Investigate and critique the processes associated with recruiting and retaining participants in community sport / active recreation organisations;  
  2. Review and reflect on strategies used by community sport / active recreation organisations to encourage participation for a targeted group such as players, coaches / instructors, scorers, committee members or umpires / referees;  
  3. Collaborate to consult and negotiate with a manager from a selected sport / active recreation club to create or modify a framework to recruit and retain participants as players, coaches / instructors, scorers, committee members or umpire/referees;  
  4. Apply a socio-ecological model to increase participation in a community sport club/active recreation organisation; and,  
  5. Reflect on how an innovative framework leads to encouraging participation through effective recruitment and retention strategies.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Assignment Critical reflection on targeted sport club 20%
Assignment Assignment Part 1: Group strategies development framework 30%
Assignment Assignment Part 2: Collaborative group strategies infographic 30%
Presentation Peer review presentation and club manager presentation 20%

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