This unit provides a detailed analysis of sport in a global context. Through the use of international case studies it aims to give students a deep understanding of the processes of globalisation and the ways in which they have shaped the structure and conduct of sport around the world. Students will initially explore the commercialisation of sport and trace its evolution into a business. Various commercial themes will be addressed, including a detailed study of sport consumption. Special attention will be given to the motivations and behaviour of sports consumers, together with strategies for engaging with diverse groups and cultures. Students will also examine the impact of technology and the entrenchment of it in media entertainment. This will lead into a critical evaluation of sport-commerce as an industrial sector, a contributor to economic growth, and arena of political influence.

This unit is part of a set of two units offering a two week study abroad experience in Madrid, Spain which "lifts and shifts" the classroom from the VU home campus to Real Madrid and includes guest speakers. The cost is included in the unit fees and covers standard airfare, accommodation and a meal plan. Students wishing to upgrade or deviate from the set plan are responsible for the additional costs. Mid-year enrolments are not eligible to do the study tour in their first semester.

Unit details

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Evaluate the ever evolving process of the globalisation of sport;  
  2. Devise a global structure of the sport industry;  
  3. Critically reflect on the power relations and who are the key global players influencing the development and progress of sport (business);  
  4. Critically review the interrelationship between sport and culture in the industry and provide well-argued opinions about planned and unplanned cultural change;  
  5. Critique the links between political agendas and sport business; and  
  6. Propose critical opinions about sport and its place in a global society.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Literature Review Critical popular article on a sport business issue. 30%
Case Study Case study analysis. 20%
Case Study Case study analysis. 25%
Presentation Presentation on a current sport business opportunity. 25%

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