This unit introduces students to the core concepts and theories of adventure, as well as the practice of outdoor adventure activities. Drawing on a long tradition of adventure based theory the unit explores how adventure is a component of all our lives and that through it we experience a range of community, health, wellbeing and personal development outcomes. The unit integrates adventure-based experiential learning with theories, models and concepts of adventure. The content is related to the application of adventure activities in sport, education and recreation industries. Off campus field laboratories in this unit may require a levy for incidental fees for accommodation, transport and camping.

Unit details

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Explain the core concepts and practices of adventure;  
  2. Reflect on the application and value of outdoor adventure in sport, recreation, and education;  
  3. Adapt knowledge and skills of outdoor adventure activities and organise self and others in natural environments; and  
  4. Interpret experiences of a range of outdoor adventure experiences with responsibility and accountability for own learning.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Exercise Completion of multiple choice questions relating to online content (1 set of 5 questions) 10%
Exercise Completion of multiple choice and short answer questions relating to online content (2 sets of 7 questions) 30%
Presentation outdoor adventure activity presentation 20%
Laboratory Work Field Practicum Portfolio 40%
All unit field practicums are Hurdle Tasks that must be completed in full to pass the unit. Any failure to complete practicums due to ill health, injury or crisis will require that the practicum be made up in a subsequent delivery.

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