This unit explores concepts, issues and programs dealing with the physical, psychological, cognitive, emotional and social health and wellbeing of adolescents. The unit addresses health issues facing young adults, such as family, challenge, risk and safety, as well as global, national and school/community health issues including depression, suicide, bullying, resilience, anxiety, body image, self-esteem, identity and self-concept. The unit also examines the role harm minimisation and the media play in the development of drug education. Students will identify appropriate health resources that are available at local, state, national and international levels. The unit includes strategies that adolescents can use to feel safe in their communities.

Unit details

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Investigate and argue the impact of physical, cognitive, psychological and social perspectives on adolescent health and wellbeing;  
  2. Analyse the major factors affecting the mental health of adolescents and discuss a range of protective measures to reduce the risk of mental disorders and illness;  
  3. Evaluate a variety of resources designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of adolescents; and  
  4. Apply their knowledge of current educational approaches to issues such as risk taking, drug and alcohol abuse, bullying and violence.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Test On-line student-centered activities 20%
Presentation In-class Group Presentation 20%
Report Evidence Based Report 30%
Presentation Health Expo Presentation 30%

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