This unit of study meets the Exercise and Sports Science Australian (ESSA) Course Accreditation core knowledge and skills criteria for professional education in occupational health and exercise rehabilitation. Students will practice the measurement, interpretation and communication of physiological data of workers and how these interrelate to workers' exposure to environmental and occupational stressors. Students will explore the role of exercise conditioning for manual processes and office/home workers in managing risk factors (including lifestyle factors) and/or current or past injuries and preventable illnesses/diseases. They will also practise the prescription of both individual and group work-orientated exercise programmes involving workers in simulated or actual work tasks. Students will develop awareness of cultural and socio-economic issues that might affect the workplace, and the assessment of workers for workplace injuries and recommended therapies/exercise management and rehabilitation.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Research, evaluate, and critically appraise the clinical exercise literature relating to the measurement and interpretation of physiological, psychological, social and lifestyle data obtained from the workplace/home environment;  
  2. Critically evaluate, devise, and implement clinical exercise and wellness coaching programmes and healthy lifestyle promotion appropriate for the workplace/home environment, to rehabilitate and prevent avoidable illness and injury; and when to refer to other practitioners;  
  3. Critically examine client cultural, environmental and socio-economic issues that might affect clinical exercise testing and prescription in the workplace;  
  4. Elucidate and discuss the medicinal effects of prescription/non-prescription medicine for conditions relevant to the workplace/home environment; and,  
  5. Research, evaluate, and critically apply skills that identify modes, frequencies, intensities, and volumes of exercise that are contraindicated for clients in the workplace/home environment with Accredited Exercise Physiology-target pathologies, from both an acute and chronic perspective.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Test Online quiz 20%
Case Study Recorded video and short report demonstrating application of lifestyle wellness coaching principles 30%
Assignment Worksite Health Promotion Plan and associated ergonomic assessment or functional job analysis 50%

Required reading

Lifestyle Wellness Coaching 3rd ed
Gavin, J and McBrearty, M. 2018.
Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

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