This unit of study aims to develop in students a basic understanding of the psychological aspects of rehabilitation. It is not intended that graduates of the unit will be equipped to provide the primary psychological care of rehabilitation clients because in most instances they are part of a team which includes clinical and neuro-psychologists. However, they should have an understanding of the psychological aspects of the rehabilitation process. The unit will include the following topics: counselling and interviewing skills – verbal and non-verbal, listening skills, body language, human interaction; human behaviour and development, lifestyle, life-cycle, life crisis, life development; coping with injury; dealing with grief and loss; coping with chronic pain; stress management, anxiety and depression; self-confidence, development and maintenance, particularly in the transitions which occur during rehabilitation; motivation, intrinsic-extrinsic, goal orientations, self-efficacy, goal setting, physical, psychological and technical.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Comprehend, compare and contrast the psychological processes in rehabilitation;  
  2. Critically evaluate the importance and influence of client-practitioner relationships in rehabilitation;  
  3. Practise, test, revise and learn to use mental skills in applied settings;  
  4. Evaluate, assess and develop strategies to improve client self-management, adherence and compliance to rehabilitation programs; and  
  5. Critically analyse the importance of counselling and support for clients during the rehabilitation process; when to refer to other appropriate allied health professionals.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Case Study Case-Study 15%
Assignment Review paper 35%
Assignment Intake interview 50%

Required reading

Psychology in the physical and manual therapies, 1st edn,
Kolt & Andersen 2004,
Edinburgh, Scotland: Churchill Livingstone.

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