The Honours program consists of a research project and coursework. The research project will be undertaken in one of the research areas of the School of Biomedical and Health Sciences and may, subject to approval, be undertaken at an external location. The coursework components cover a range of information including advanced areas of medical research, literature analysis and critical appraisal, ethics in research, scientific writing, oral presentation, methodological techniques, research design, statistics and data analysis, computer applications and software data presentation. The literature review will provide the scientific background and rationale for the research project, while the design will inform the methodology to be applied in the research project. Students will conduct a research project under supervision. The project will comprise a novel scientific investigation in an area of expertise of the approved supervisor(s). The results of the project will be reported in an oral presentation and a written thesis.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Plan, implement, conduct and communicate a research project;  
  2. Critically evaluate research papers;  
  3. Interpret a body of knowledge leading to innovative research questions and testable hypotheses;  
  4. Design an appropriate research project and undertake appropriate data analyses;  
  5. Conduct research sufficient to obtain a substantial body of work;  
  6. Produce a written research thesis;  
  7. Critically evaluate one's own findings and their impact on current knowledge;  
  8. Demonstrate clear, concise and precise communication, both oral and written; and  
  9. Demonstrate aptitude and ability to work without close supervision and with a high degree of responsibility.  


The nature of the coursework assessment will vary and may be based on written assignments, seminar presentations and a written statistics or research design examination. The research project assessment will consist of a written literature review, submission of a research design, and the quality of the research and its presentation in the written thesis as well as the ability to answer questions regarding the research work undertaken.
Assessment type Description Grade
Assignment Statistics and Research Design 10%
Other Research Plan (not more than 10 pages) 5%
Literature Review Literature Review (not more than 6,000 words) 15%
Presentation Oral Presentation 5%
Research Thesis Research Thesis (not more than 12,000 words) 55%
Presentation Oral Presentation and Thesis Defence 10%
The Honours course is a two year (part-time) course in which the students receive one final mark and grade. Thus, students will submit/undertake items 1 - 2 in their 1st semester of enrolment, items 3 - 4 in their 2nd semester of enrolment, and submit/undertake items 5 - 6 after their 3rd and 4th semesters of enrolment, after which a single, final mark and grade will be awarded.

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