Drug Testing and Analysis builds upon the concepts studied in Analytical Methods 2. This Unit is focussed upon modern and topical aspects of Drug Testing (workplace, sport, clinical and forensic) and Drug analysis (trace component and impurity profiling).  Lectures and complimentary laboratory exercises link theory with practice and students gain 'hands-on' experience with state-of-the-art instruments and techniques including sample preparation and the investigation of complex samples including pharmaceutical products and drugs and metabolites in biological fluids.

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NPU2101 - Analytical Methods 1

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Critically review modern advanced methods of analysis as currently used in the Drug Testing and Analysis industry in Australia and globally;  
  2. Devise methods of analysis for drugs in complex samples and review the suitability of their method to a range of situations;  
  3. Interpret various analytical data relating to drug testing and analysis, adapting information to diverse contexts; and  
  4. Evaluate the quality of their own analytical data and review team members' data and communicate the findings to peers and demonstrators with responsibility and accountability.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Literature Review Written Report (1000 words) 10%
Report Method summary (1000 words) 15%
Report Method summary (1000 words) 15%
Laboratory Work Portfolio of Laboratory work 40%
Presentation Oral presentation (20mins) 20%

Required reading

Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry 9th ed.
Skoog, D. A., West. D. M., Holler, F. J. and Crouch, S. R., (2014)
Brooks/Cole, Cengage learning

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