In this unit students will acquire advanced theoretical knowledge and critical analytical skills which can be applied to investigation and resolution of complex problem solving scenarios. The unit material has been developed to enhance students' communication skills, individual and group project participation and other professional capabilities important to practice as an Engineer. The material taught introduces students to simulation procedures inherent in system modelling. All students are expected to master MATLAB's more advanced algorithms and its application in the design and simulation of communication subsystems such as the handling of RF signals in a communication channel and the use of complex envelope representation.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Apply engineering skills to a given task;  
  2. Apply in-depth technical design of wireless sub-systems and optimise the physical layer;  
  3. Identify system issues and develop methodologies applicable to a given scenario;  
  4. Utilise a systems approach to analysis, simulation and design;  
  5. Gather, collate and evaluate data in a professional manner; and  
  6. Use modelling and simulation skills as an individual and as a team player.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Project Individual modelling project in Matlab (1.5 hours) 30%
Test Individual practical simulation tests x 2 (2 hours) 40%
Test Group modelling and simulation test (1.5 hours) 30%
Although there is a group modelling and simulation test, each individual is awarded a mark that reflects what her/his contribution is to the final submission.

Required reading

Matlab-A practical introduction to programming and problem solving' 2nd
Attaway, T, (2009)
Canada: Elsevier.

Simulation of communications Systems 2nd
Jeruchip, Balaban and Shanmugan (2000)
New York: Kluwer.

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