This unit will analyse electricity distribution in the deregulated Australian power industry to critically examine the planning, design and operation of electrical transmission and distribution networks. Complex power flow analysis in single-phase circuits will be investigated. Network calculations and the bus-admittance matrix will be covered. The concept of load flow analysis and its use in network planning and analysis will be explored. Gauss-Seidel load flow analysis method will be examined in the solution of complex networks in planning and design of electrical distribution and transmission networks. Symmetrical and unsymmetrical faults in power systems will be analysed. Power system automation and control concepts will be investigated in the operational protection planning of smart grids.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Construct a multi-bus system and carry out complex flow studies investigating real power flow dependencies;  
  2. Design computer-aided solutions to power system analysis problems;  
  3. Evaluate load flow analysis in the steady-state analysis of an interconnected power system;  
  4. Analyse balanced and unbalanced power system faults; and  
  5. Investigate automation, protection and control concepts in smart grid design.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Laboratory Work Practical Lab Assessment (Team of two) 20%
Project One Project Report (Team of two; 1500 words) 20%
Test Tests (2) 60%

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