This unit (JQU0055) provides an in-depth, theoretical and practical knowledge of the work of public notaries in Australia. Notarial Practice in Theory and Practice will provide a comprehensive overview of notarial acts in public and private forms. It explores the civil law and common law legal traditions and the resolution of conflicts of laws between those traditions in Australia as well as theoretical bases of notarial practice in other major civil law jurisdictions including the USA. The unit also explores a notary's professional rights, obligations and duties as well as the practical aspects of managing a notarial practice including maintaining documentation and professional standards.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Critically review the theoretical basis of notarial practice and contextualise current notarial practice in contemporary Australia;  
  2. Interact with foreign common law and civil law jurisdictions in relation to matters of international trade and commerce;  
  3. Assist Australian residents, citizens and entities in conducting their cross-border business and personal affairs;  
  4. Provide creative and ethical solutions to practical and complex problems of notarial practice;  
  5. Communicate clearly and coherently using effective interpersonal skills in professional practice; and  
  6. Understand notarial acts in both public and private forms, and a notary's professional rights, obligations and duties.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Assignment Case study: students must provide a written advice responding to a situation that would commonly arise for an Australian notary (Module 1). Pass/Fail
Assignment In short essay format, students must respond to 4 questions relating to notarial practice in Australia (Module 2). Pass/Fail
Assignment In short essay format, students must respond to 2 questions relating to Comparative Law and Conflicts of Law issues (Module 3). Pass/Fail

Required reading

Principles of Notarial Practice. 2nd.
Zablud, Peter, (2016),
Psophidian Press.

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