This unit will provide a foundation for the interpretation and critical understanding of our world through numbers. Students will be asked to define real world situations and problems by means of numerical, graphical or geometrical representations. The unit focuses on the methodology used to interpret and analyse quantitative information in order to make decisions, judgements and predictions. Student will explore problems involving quantity, space and shape, change and relationships and data and chance. By identifying examples of quantitative data in daily life, students will develop a broad understanding of the importance of critically analysing numbers used to substantiate arguments and theories. In doing so, we expect students to develop the mathematical habits of mind and capacity to deal effectively with quantitative aspects of critical analysis required in tertiary study.

Unit details

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Explain quantitative information symbolically, visually and numerically;  
  2. Problem solve using logic and deductive and analytic reasoning;  
  3. Construct a logical argument based on rules of inference; and  
  4. Present and critique quantitative arguments orally and in writing  


Assessment type Description Grade
Review Discuss the quantitative information that is presented in the media in online forum 20%
Test Complete test in supervised conditions 40%
Project Research and develop a Media campaign that represents a local problem in quantitative terms 40%

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