In this unit, students will examine several aspects of comprehension and text analysis, including context, text structure, meaning, audience and register, and source. The unit allows students to read and respond to a broad range of text/media that deal with a common theme, to compare and contrast texts, and to discuss how they were constructed. The textual study will support students to explore a range of writing genres and to generate discussion of the thematic concepts in the text. In doing so, students will learn how to closely read text and make connections between the source materials using appropriate conventions. Students will develop their capability to write for specific purposes and audiences and understand writing as a process.

Unit details

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Analyse text/media to identify the literal, inferred and figurative uses of language;  
  2. Compare texts and recognise the techniques used which identify a writing genre;  
  3. Discuss the ideas presented within the theme and develop response in writing; and  
  4. Demonstrate an awareness of language choices and practice writing as a process.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Exercise Academic listening task whereby students respond to a series of questions based on a lecture, podcast or other spoken text. 25%
Exercise Two textual analysis tasks based on a range of media texts on a shared topic. 50%
Essay Textual analysis on a range of media texts on a shared topic 25%

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