This unit of study will introduce students to the role, function and rule of law in society. In doing so, the unit will explore how the law is influenced by cultural, moral, ethical, political and economic factors. Students will debate topical contemporary legal issues and question whether the law reflects society's changing values and attitudes. Using current examples, students will explore whether the law creates or constrains social change.

Unit details

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JQU0025 - Legal Studies A: An Introduction to the Australian Legal System

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Discuss and question the opinions of a range of commentators with regard to a contemporary legal issue;  
  2. Collate and organise the points of view of a contemporary legal issue;  
  3. Analyse the ideas presented in a range of text and media; and  
  4. Present a reasoned argument using appropriate legal terminology an acknowledgement of resources.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Other Online Forums: Engage with online forum discussion 30%
Portfolio Folio: Students select from a range of given topics and summarise the various arguments for a change/introduction of a law 20%
Essay Write an essay on a contemporary legal issue 30%
Presentation Articulate a position for change/introduction of the law for the contemporary legal issue in a persuasive video 20%
Developing skills and attributes towards the graduate capabilities of Victoria University will be incorporated across the course.

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