This unit challenges students to propose health promotion strategies designed to further drive change and impact across the social and ecological determinants of health.  Students will build health promotion development skills through interrogation of health promotion approaches with vulnerable and diverse populations across the globe. This includes debate focused on the politics and policies which both support and hinder global health promotion strategies. Through a comprehensive critique of leaders in global health promotion and analysis of the strategies implemented to address contemporary global health challenges, this unit entails critical analysis of the health promotion strategies to realise the Sustainable Development Goals.  Through cross examination of authentic health promotion actions in global disasters and pandemics, students will gain skills and knowledge to enable innovative, coherent and realistic approaches to advocate for change in global health.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Debate the politics, policies and processes which both support and hinder effective health promotion delivery with focus on social and ecological determinants of health;  
  2. Critically evaluate leaders in global health promotion and their strategies to address global health priority areas;  
  3. Interrogate the range of contemporary health promotion strategies currently in place for addressing global health challenges including the Sustainable Development Goals;  
  4. Advocate innovative health promotion strategies to address health disparities encountered globally by diverse and vulnerable populations; and  
  5. Compose realistic and evidence-based health promotion projects with focus on health priority areas in disasters and pandemics.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Assignment Critically review one health promotion strategy to realise the Sustainable Development Goals (500 words) 10%
Project Prescribe a health promotion strategy to address a health disparity encountered by a selected vulnerable population; (2,500 words) 50%
Poster Design of a Health promotion poster with a focus on health priority area for a disaster or pandemic (2000 words) 40%

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