This unit explores the concepts of health economics and finance in global health contexts and systems. Students will first define and distinguish between economics and finance and explore key concepts and tools in each. This will enable students to understand the role of economics and economic evaluation in decision-making within the context of global health. Students will also examine funding mechanisms in local, national, and global settings as well as the importance of financial and budget planning and management in applying for and utilising funding. This unit will also develop students' skills to critically evaluate funding metrics as well as economic cost analysis and national and global health perspectives and priorities in public health funding. Students will examine and analyse economic implications and financial operations of global health initiatives.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Investigate the role, limitations and usefulness of economic analysis and thinking, as it applies to global health;  
  2. Critically reflect on the difference economics and finance and explore key concepts and tools in each field;  
  3. Debate how resources can be allocated to public health initiatives in terms of resource allocation at the local, national and global levels;  
  4. Exhibit knowledge and skills of funding mechanisms for public health initiatives; and  
  5. Exhibit financial and budget planning and management skills in applying for and utilising funding.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Other Contribution to a discussion board on comparisons between economics and finance (500 words) 10%
Other Financial planning for a public health project proposal (2500 words) 50%
Case Study Economic analysis of a public health initiatives (2000 words) 40%

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