This unit examines the major concepts and principles of community health promotion including self-care, continuity of care, primary health care, health promotion, illness prevention, community assessment, family assessment and home care. Health promotion is a proven dynamic in disease prevention and maintenance of community health. In this unit you will review the major health issues impacting on national and global health. Australian and World Health Organisation (WHO) health priorities and strategies for optimising community health will be critically reviewed. You will reflect on the role of the nurse in community health promotion within areas of specialisation. You will examine communities with diverse and specific health requirements and health literacy needs to understand how to optimise the success of health promotion strategies. This unit also examines the major concepts and principles of cultural safety and the knowledge and skills required of the nursing profession to work ethically with diverse people and communities, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Students will examine a health problem in relation to a specific community and design strategies of community health promotion in a specialised area of your choice.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Analyse, critique and cross-examine national, international health priorities;  
  2. Evaluate current initiatives of community health promotion, including child and adolescent health and their link with Health policy and practice;  
  3. Evaluate cultural competency and critically review community characteristics to identify challenges in implementing health promotion for community health in diverse communities including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders communities;  
  4. Evaluate strategies for optimising implementation of successful health promotion strategies; and  
  5. Propose and outline community health promotion strategy in a specialised area.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Assignment Review of National and International Health Priorities for a vulnerable group (500 words) 10%
Assignment Analysis and reflection on a workplace reconciliation action plan (2000 words) 40%
Assignment Review of the literature to develop a health promotion strategy for a vulnerable group (2500 words) 50%

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