The aim of this unit is to provide students with the opportunity to apply the acute medical surgical and mental health knowledge and skills developed in Nursing and Acute Care 1, Nursing and Mental Health 1 and Pathophysiology and Quality Use of Medicines 1 in either a medical/surgical or mental health setting. Students are required to complete 160 hours in a medical/surgical or mental health setting. Students placed in Professional Practice 2 in a mental health setting will be placed in a medical/surgical setting in semester 2. Students in this unit are advised that restrictions apply to withdrawing online once enrolled, to meet the requirements of external placement providers.

Unit details

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HNB2106 - Professional Practice 2

RBM2202 - Pathophysiology & Quality Use of Medicines 2

HNB2205 - Nursing and Acute Care 2

HNB2206 - Nursing and Mental Health 2

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Identify their current scope of practice and work within this;  
  2. Apply relevant knowledge and skills and utilise a problem solving approach to the nursing management of individuals across various contexts of care;  
  3. Explain the legislative and ethical foundations of relevant health care and treatment, in particular the roles and responsibilities of the registered nurse;  
  4. Assess, plan, implement and evaluate nursing care for individuals and families in consultation with the nursing team;  
  5. Demonstrate health assessment knowledge and skills in physical assessment;  
  6. Demonstrate skills in the practice of medication management (including drug calculation, knowledge of medication used, medication orders etc.);  
  7. Utilise culturally appropriate communication, assessment and intervention strategies.  
  8. Describe the clinical manifestations and collaborative management of common acute health disorders (Acute Care placement)  
  9. Describe the clinical manifestations and collaborative management of common psychiatric disorders (Mental Health placement)  
  10. Perform a mental health status examination (Mental Health placement);  
  11. Utilise psychotherapeutic communication skills in mental health nursing (Mental Health placement);  
  12. Demonstrate assessment skills in mental health risk assessment and crisis (Mental Health placement).  


Assessment type Description Grade
Practicum Summative Assessment Australian Nursing Standards Assessment Tool (ANSAT) Pass/Fail
Students must achieve a Satisfactory Standard in the summative assessment (a score of 3 across the assessable items) on the Australian Nursing Standards Assessment Tool (ANSAT) and complete 160 hours of professional practice in order to pass this unit. The clinical appraisal process assesses learning outcomes 1 to 7 as generic competencies for nursing practice. The ANSAT assesses learning outcome 8 as required standards for nursing practice and is a specific competency for acute care nursing practice. Whilst learning outcomes 9 to 12 are mental health specific competencies in relation to nursing practice.

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