Project & Scholarship 1 builds on the skills developed in previous evidence-based practice for osteopathy units, in the production of a written Critically Appraised Topic (CAT). This resource will be peer reviewed, with the students further applying their EBP skills to critically appraise the work of other students and build their research translation skills.

Students will further develop the necessary skills to perform evidence-based practice, while gaining a deeper understanding of the peer review process and contributing to a valuable evidence-based resource within the osteopathy discipline.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Compose a research question and critically review the relevant literature related to osteopathic philosophy and practice, as well as the broader healthcare field;  
  2. Interpret literature review findings and critique relevant osteopathic practice implications;  
  3. Develop research translation skills through effective communication, collaborative practice, inter-professional practice, education and evidence-based management; and  
  4. Extrapolate the gaps in evidence-based practices relating to clinical settings and recommend changes that may influence practice.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Report Critical Appraisal (1250 words) 25%
Project Infographic CAT (1500 words equivalent) 30%
Project Patient Brochure of CAT (1250 words equivalent) 25%
Presentation Oral Presentation (3mins- based on 3MT rules) 20%
The oral presentation is a hurdle assessment as it is necessary for students to demonstrate their acquired research translation skills as it relates to clinical practice. 50% constitutes a pass grade for this assessment.

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