This unit is designed to be taken by students who want to consolidate their public health training via an advanced professional work placement. Students are required to enter into a Learning in the Workplace and Community (LiWC) contract relating to a public health project in nutrition or active living in an agency. The contract is negotiated between the university supervisor, agency supervisor and student, and specifies learning objectives and strategies in three areas: conceptual and policy; practical skill; and personal development. Students are required to participate in a number of key phases and activities of the program or project and write a major report that outlines the processes and outcomes of the project. The placement requires the application and integration of students with accumulated knowledge and skills acquired within the HMGN Master of Public Health.  The major report draws particularly on models and methods of scientific inquiry provided in HMGN Master of Public Health.  Students are also required to submit a report that outlines the LiWC objectives that have been identified in the contract.

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HMG7950 - Research Methods in Public Health

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Apply the skills and knowledge acquired in their public health studies to a professional setting in global nutrition or active living;  
  2. Conceptually map and interrogate the issues and challenges of designing, planning and implementing a public health project in an organisational environment (either in a community-based, regional, governmental or international setting) with reference to achieving strategic outcomes;  
  3. Critically review, select and apply inquiry designs and methodologies appropriate to the completion of the professional project;  
  4. Compose a reflective practice journal which will contribute to the formulation of lifelong learning strategies withing their professional practice; and  
  5. Produce a professional project report which meets both academic and placement partner specialisations and conventions.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Project Log of hours and list of tasks worked on the project signed by the agency supervisor (1000 words) 10%
Journal Learning journal involving a minimum of fifteen substantive entries shown to university supervisor at end of project (1000 words) 10%
Performance End-of-project written pro-forma from the agency supervisor (1,500 words equivalent) 15%
Presentation End-of-project three-way review meeting (or presentation) involving the student, agency and university supervisors and stakeholders (2000 words) 15%
Report Professional Project Evaluation Report (7,000 words) 50%
The total word equivalence of combined assessment tasks is 12,000-14,000 words approximate.

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