This unit (HMG7310) covers assessment of the nutritional status of individuals and populations using anthropometric, clinical, dietary and biochemical methods. The use and limitations of each of these methods is critically appraised both in terms of their measurement at the individual level and their application at the population level. With a focus on low and middle income countries various nutrition assessment methodologies are then applied to designing large, population-based interventions as a tool for early warning, needs assessment, program planning and program evaluation. Students will have the opportunity to apply the principles and frameworks for program planning and management in response to existing and emerging specific nutrition problems in low and middle income contexts. The design, development, implementation and evaluation of evidence-based community-level nutrition programs is also addressed.

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HMG7130 - Nutrition for Global Health

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Appraise the utility of standard methodologies for measuring the nutritional status of an individual and justify their use in specific contexts;  
  2. Interpret data on the nutrition status of a population as a basis for design, implementation and evaluation of subsequent nutrition interventions;  
  3. Design a large population-based nutrition assessment that considers the proposed outcomes of such an assessment and acknowledges the existing evidence base;  
  4. Formulate nutrition priorities through the collection, analysis and interpretation of information on a community or population group;  
  5. Design a community nutrition program using theory and evidence to guide selection of strategies and identification of outcomes;  
  6. Critique and substantiate mechanisms to monitor and evaluate programs for efficacy and quality; and  
  7. Write and defend a project proposal according to specified conventions to address an identified health issue in a particular community.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Report Written report on the methodology, analysis and interpretation of a nutrition survey for a population group (2500 words) 40%
Project Written grant proposal for a community nutrition project (2500 words) 40%
Presentation Present and defend a grant proposal for a community nutrition project (1500 words) 20%
Total word equivalence of combined assessment tasks is approximately 6000 to 7000 words.

Required reading

Measuring Mortality, Nutritional Status, and Food Security in Crisis Situations 1
SMART (2006)

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