This unit builds on the content of 'HNB1103 Professional Studies 1' and subsequent units to further develop students as health professionals with a focus on transitioning from a student to a graduate nurse-midwife role. The unit comprises two modules: Module 1 addresses professional issues in applying for graduate positions and registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA). Contemporary professional issues will be examined, for example, conflict resolution and professional communication. Module 2 introduces students to advanced midwifery practice, knowledge and skills, such as discharge examination of the newborn; antenatal screening and associated referral mechanisms. Options for independent midwifery practice will also be discussed.

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VU Sunshine Clinical School
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HMB3201 - Complications of the Newborn

HNB3102 - Nursing Professional Practice 2

HNB3229 - Nursing Professional Practice 3 - Mental Health

HNB3227 - Mental Health and Nursing

HNB2205 - Nursing and Acute Care 2


Final year unit of study.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Prepare for the graduate year application process, including preparation of curriculum vitae, and application letter, interview, and the registration process.  
  2. Further examine the roles and scope of practice of healthcare professionals and the use of effective communication and collaboration to provide quality client care.  
  3. Critique contemporary professional issues, including the role of the midwife and the nurse in advanced practice settings.  
  4. Demonstrate an advanced examination of the newborn in the simulated environment.  
  5. Utilise advanced assessment skills in the use of antenatal screening.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Examination Test (one hour) 30%
Presentation Group Interview (30 mins) 20%
Assignment Written assessment (2000 words) 50%

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