This unit will assist students to acquire foundational knowledge of the care of babies with complications. Students will have the opportunity to study the circumstances that commonly result in a baby being admitted to a Level Two Nursery. The issues confronting the infant and family during this period will be examined. Students will explore the role of the midwife in providing a family centred apporach whilst integrating ethico-legal issues involved in care of the baby with complications. Evidence-based knowledge will be integrated with assessment and care procedures pertaining to oxygenation, elimination, nutrition, immunity and temperature regulation. Note: The detailed information in this descriptor is that required by the external accreditation agency ANMAC as per their course accreditation guidelines (2010).

Unit details

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HMB3113 - Complex Pregnancy and Birth 2

HMB3114 - Midwifery Practice 5

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Describe the development of a baby during the second half of pregnancy;  
  2. Discuss the circumstances that may necessitate admission of a baby to a level two nursery;  
  3. Evaluate the level two nursery environment and its impact upon the baby and family;  
  4. Discuss the role of the midwife within the context of the level two nursery multidisciplinary team;  
  5. Demonstrate the knowledge and clinical decision making process required to care for a sick newborn within the context of family-centred care;  
  6. Apply evidence-based knowledge to midwifery practice related to: care of the sick newborn and his/her family; and, strategies and care when resuscitating the newborn baby;  
  7. Defend the family's need for privacy, dignity and respect, as well as their right to be informed and to make decision regarding care of their baby;  
  8. Value reflective practice in the implementation evidence informed care for the baby and family;  
  9. Debate the ethico-legal issues, which arise in the care of babies with special needs; and  
  10. Demonstrate a drug calculations mastery.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Examination 3 hour written exam 60%
Essay 1500 words 40%
Test Drug calculation test (30 minutes) 0%
The drug calculation test is a hurdle requirement. Accuracy in medication administration is an absolute requirement for safe midwifery practice.

Required reading

Merenstein & Gardner's Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care 8th ed.
Gardner, S. L., Carter, B. S. Enzman-Hines, M., Hernandez, J. A. (2015).
St Louis: Mosby Elsevier

This midwifery-specific text is approved as the most recent edition by the external accreditation agency ANMAC.

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