The aim of this unit is to build on students experience of osteopathic practice achieved in HHU4185 and HHU4286 through continual clinical placement in the student led osteopathic teaching clinic. Students increase from one session of clinical placement to two sessions per week in this unit which provides greater opportunity to implement their advanced knowledge and practical skills of management of musculoskeletal conditions. This unit provides students with opportunity to lead the operational aspects of the clinic (reception and customer service) which is a reflection of the nature of osteopathic practice students will encounter after graduation. A key priority in this unit is preparing students for their clinic exit examination held in the middle of the year.

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HHU4286 - Clinical Practicum 6

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Appraise their own patient-centred communication skills and that of their peers;  
  2. Exemplify evidence informed patient management strategies in the student-led, on-campus clinic;  
  3. Argue a patient-centred management plan and prognosis that sets short, medium and long term goals and takes into account all aspects of the patient's profile including lifestyle factors;  
  4. Evaluate patient outcomes using a range of outcome measures; and  
  5. Commentate on the skills to manage the student-led, patient centred, evidence informed on-campus clinic and external clinics.  


Participation in practical sessions with at least 90% attendance unless well-documented acceptable reasons are provided (hurdle requirement). This unit is clinical placement and students need to ensure they meet hour requirements for the unit. All summative assessments are hurdle requirements as they directly correlate to the nature of osteopathic practice. The assessment for this unit is not graded due to the professionalism nature of the learning outcomes and teaching and learning strategies. The focus of clinical practicum units is on developing competency in the clinical domain of osteopathy, which students develop at varying rates across the program. The assessments in this unit are designed to ensure students are deemed safe to continue their progression to subsequent clinical units and preparation for osteopathic practice. A student fails if they do not achieve the minimum expected level of competence for a fourth year osteopathic student.
Assessment type Description Grade
Examination 120 minute Practical assessment (Clinic exit exam) - equivalent to 2000 words Pass/Fail
Portfolio Clinical portfolio reporting completion of hours and patient treatments, clinical activities, clinical records assessment (equivalent to 3000 words) Pass/Fail
Practicum 20 minutes of practical assessment (3 x mini-clinical examination) - equivalent to 500 words Pass/Fail
Portfolio One evidence piece for portfolio (equivalent of 1500 words) Pass/Fail
The total word equivalence of the combined assessment tasks equates to 7000 words. Whilst professionalism is not formally assessed within this unit, students are expected to maintain a level of professionalism in all their clinical activities. A demerit point system applies in all clinical units. The demerit point system has been introduced to record incidences of unprofessional behaviour in the clinical setting and applies in all clinical units.Attainment of more than 20 demerit points within the one semester will result in a fail grade.

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