The aim of this unit is to prepare students for their transition to autonomous and accountable osteopathic practice. Specialised professional knowledge and skills relating to both the discipline of osteopathy, lifelong learning and practice management are addressed. Osteopathic philosophy and principles are reviewed and their evidence-base interrogated to support further development of manual techniques. Management skills and financial information required for day-to-day osteopathic practice are also considered.

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City Campus
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HHO5183 - Osteopathic Science 9

HHU5187 - Clinical Practicum 7


HHU5288 - Clinical Practicum 8

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate an expanded range of osteopathic technical skills, using direct and indirect manual techniques;  
  2. Interrogate osteopathic principles and their underlying philosophy; debate the nature, significance and application of evidence-based practice; and critically appraise the relationship between principles and evidence underpinning different osteopathic approaches to treatment;  
  3. Critically appraise and apply in various simulated situations those business management skills required to conduct a practice; and  
  4. Negotiate a personal concept of osteopathic practice in the context of the students career goals.  
  5. Critically review common modes of osteopathic practice and reflect on their place in the students career goals;  
  6. Identify strategies to sustain their professional and personal development as osteopathic practitioners.  


The assessment in this unit is pass/fail rather than graded. This unit is designed as a final consolidating unit enabling students to develop additional skills and knowledge which will be applicable for osteopathic practice, therefore assessments are designed as activities to consolidate knowledge rather than distinguish levels of performance. A student fails if they do not achieve the minimum expected level of competence for a final year osteopathic student approaching graduation and entering independent osteopathic practice.
Assessment type Description Grade
Assignment Practice Management (3500 words) 1. Reflection of career direction in 1 & 5 years; 2. Develop referral letters; 3. Evaluate an osteopathic business Pass/Fail
Test Two (2) History & Principles MCQ quizzes (equivalent to 1000 words each) Pass/Fail
Practicum Further manual technique skill with critical reflection - twenty (20) minutes per student (equivalent of 2000 words) Pass/Fail
There is a twenty (20) minute practicum oral which is a hurdle requirement (students must achieve a pass grade in this assessment task). This practical assessment is a hurdle because practical skill development is fundamental to osteopathic practice and demonstrating practical skills at a pass level relates to technical competence and safety. 90% attendance is required at tutorial, practical and workshop classes in the osteopathic program. The workshops practicals activities in this unit are interactive and students are able to seek feedback from the facilitator on meeting the learning outcomes and planning for assessment tasks.

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