To meet the accreditation requirements of the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) and their accrediting body the Australian Dietetic Council (ADC), students are required to complete a minimum of 100 days professional practice placement. This unit will consist of 50 days, providing individual medical nutritional therapy in acute and ambulatory settings to enable exposure to a variety of clinical conditions affecting different body systems. In addition to these days students will be required to attend orientation and presentation sessions.
This unit is designed to provide students with practical placement learning in the nutritional assessment, diagnosis, treatment and review of patients across a wide variety of morbidities. Students will consolidate knowledge and skills in relation to patient care, record keeping, communication and team working within the frameworks of the National Dietetics Competency Standards, the Dietetics Statement of Ethical Practice and the Dietetic Code of Conduct.

Unit details

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336 credits of study within the Bachelor of Nutritional Science/ Masters of Dietetics OR 96 credits of student within the Masters of Dietetics.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Exemplify the consolidation of dietetics knowledge and experience to support effective dietetics practice in line with the National Dietetic Competency Standard, the Dietetic Statement of Ethics and the Dietetic Code of Conduct requirements;  
  2. Gather and evaluate evidence and information from a wide range of sources and draw reasoned conclusions or reach sustainable judgements for dietetic diagnosis with service users;  
  3. Apply clinical reasoning and evidence based practice to plan, monitor and change dietetic treatment according to the needs of service users;  
  4. Practice safely and effectively as an autonomous professional within a multi-professional team;  
  5. Use a range of communication and interpersonal skills effectively to establish working relationship within teams and with the service users; and  
  6. Reflect on practice and demonstrate reflection in action.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Practicum Professional Practice Placement assessment of competency in relevant domain elements of the National Dietetic Competency Standards Pass/Fail
Portfolio Portfolio of learning, demonstrating attainment of relevant competencies (4500 words) Pass/Fail
Case Study Presentation of a dietetic case study (15mins) Pass/Fail
Other Reflective learning summary (500 words) Pass/Fail
All assessments must be passed to pass this unit (Hurdle Requirement).

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