This unit will provide students with the knowledge and skills required to work as a Team Leader or Supervisor in a food service operation in the health care industry including acute, residential aged care and community nutrition programs such or other health care related commercial food service providers. Students will explore food service systems including meal production, assembly and distribution systems used in health care food services and associated equipment and staffing patterns. Issues of quality management through regulatory compliance with respect to food safety and accreditation standards within health care food service operations will be addressed. Reinforcing the constraints of the health care system, the significance of recurrent costs on budget expenditure by developing skills in recipe and menu costing will be investigated. Students will learn about supervision and resource management principles and practices (job descriptions, work flows, rostering, and communication skills) to prepare them for work in the health care industry.

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HHN2001 - Family Health and Nutrition Through the Lifespan

HHN2402 - Diet & Disease

HFS2001 - Properties of Food

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Critically analyse production, meal assembly and distribution systems for strengths, weaknesses and limitations;  
  2. Conceptually map the systems, equipment and staffing associated with meal assembly and delivery systems used in hospitals, residential aged care and community nutrition programs and identify associated risks;  
  3. Calculate the cost of food associated with recipes and menus utilising appropriate software systems;  
  4. Compare quality and food safety systems including accreditation systems, regulations and guidelines relevant to each health care sector; and  
  5. Design sample work flows and rosters in a health care food service operation.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Test Class test (60 minutes) 30%
Portfolio Portfolio (3000 words) Demonstration of knowledge and skills. To include site visit reports, case studies related to aspects of Food Service systems 70%

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