In this unit students will develop specialised knowledge and skills in each of these areas in order to prepare them for professional practice in an increasingly diverse healthcare context. They will investigate common and specialised conditions in each medical area, relevant clinical tests and conventional medical management, musculo-skeletal implications and specific  impact on osteopathic diagnosis and treatment. Students will devise solutions (in terms of diagnosis and comprehensive osteopathic management) to a series of problem-based learning cases which require them to integrate knowledge and skills from previous and concurrent learning. 

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Elicit and interpret clinical signs and symptoms pertinent to conditions typically seen in Obstetrics/Paediatrics/Psychiatry;  
  2. Interpret clinical tests and special investigations commonly used in the diagnosis of conditions typically seen in Obstetrics/Paediatrics/Psychiatry and generate both a primary and differential diagnosis;  
  3. Critically review the medical management of various conditions in Obstetrics/Paediatrics/Psychiatry presenting in osteopathic practice and relate them to subsequent osteopathic management strategies; and  
  4. Recommend and defend comprehensive osteopathic management plans in relation to a series of holistic 'problem based cases' which reflect the integration of both prior and concurrent learning.  


All summative assessment tasks are a hurdle requirement.
Assessment type Description Grade
Other Contribution to discussions and evidence of home preparatory work (Equivalent to 1500 words) 20%
Test Six 30 minute online quizzes throughout semester based on cases (equivalent to 2500 words) 30%
Presentation 30 minute group presentation recommending management approaches for a case (equivalent to 3000 words) 50%
The total word equivalence for combined assessment items is 7,000 words.

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