The aim of the unit is to integrate the theoretical and practical component of Health Promotion and to provide students with the opportunity to enhance their understanding and developing skills in Health Promotion to use in a community setting. The unit reinforces concepts of Needs assessment, Program Planning, Implementation and evaluation. It fosters the development of interpersonal skills and Professional communication skills as well as reflective evidence based practice and core competencies required of a Health Promotion Practitioner.

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HHB2000 - Social Epidemiology

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Identify health priorities through the collection, analysis and interpretation of information on a community or population group;  
  2. Design a health promotion intervention using theory and evidence to guide selection of strategies and identification of outcomes;  
  3. Ascertain physical, human and financial resources required to implement a health promotion program; and  
  4. Develop mechanisms to monitor and evaluate programs for their effectiveness and quality.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Assignment Quizzes/Worksheets on key concepts (x3) 25%
Report Written Report - Health Needs Assessment (1,000 words) 25%
Review Critical review and application of a planning model (1,000 words) 25%
Report Evaluation of program data and written report for Community Partners (1,000 words) 25%

Required reading

Planning, Implementation and evaluating health promotion programs: a primer 6th ed.
McKenzie, J., Neiger, B., Thackery, R. (2013)
Pearson Education

Foundations for Health Promotion 3rd ed.
Naidoo, J., & Wills, J. (2013)

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