This unit aims to prepare students to be ready as a treating practitioner under supervision in the VU Teaching Clinics for the Clinical Practice units of the HMHO Masters. It aims to integrate the skills and knowledge developed in the previous Clinical Skills, Biomedical Science for Osteopathy, Evidence Based Practice for Osteopathy, and Patient & Health System units using Case Based Learning and patient simulation. Students will also be observing and reflecting on clinical practice in the VU Teaching Clinics.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Exhibit clinical reasoning for patient management that draws on an understanding of clinical skills, evidence for practice, biomedical sciences and the biopsychosocial factors influencing a case presentation;  
  2. Appraise biopsychosocial determinants of health and pain experience to integrate suitable screening procedures into patient management;  
  3. Articulate the Clinical Practice Guidelines pertinent to Osteopathic clinical practice; and  
  4. Formulate osteopathic management plans for patients with a variety of health complaints.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Case Study Case-based learning worksheet and presentation (group work) 20%
Test Clinical guidelines online test 10%
Practicum Clinical entrance practical exam (30mins) 50%
Report Completed clinical observation workbook with written reflection on patient observations (hurdle) 20%
80% attendance is required in units with practical and workshop classes in the osteopathic program as part of AOAC accreditation requirements. This unit requires 40 hours of clinical observation in the College Teaching Clinics undertaken over the calendar year. The activities in this unit are interactive and students are able to seek feedback from the instructor on meeting the learning outcomes and planning for assessment tasks. A pass in the Clinical entrance practical exam is a hurdle requirement.

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