The Research Project unit of study is an individual program of supervised research in which the student, in consultation with the supervisor, designs, conducts and disseminates the outcomes of a specific project. Research placements enable students to undertake a structured work experience program as an integral part of their degree course. Gaining practical experience in their chosen field enables students to test interest and ability in these areas.

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HBM3101 - Research Methods

RBM2133 - Cell and Molecular Biology or

RBM2800 - Cardiorespiratory and Renal Physiology

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Design, conduct and manage a biomedical/work-based research project;  
  2. Work independently or part of a team with minimal supervision on a work-based or laboratory project, and demonstrate time management and project-related organisational skills;  
  3. Articulate and justify research questions/project objectives and methods;  
  4. Demonstrate proficiency in writing a research/work-based project final report, including a rationale and a summary of strengths and limitations;  
  5. Demonstrate proficiency in disseminating derived research/workplace findings to peers and the VU Biomedical community.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Presentation Oral (10 mins + 5 mins questions) 15%
Practicum Supervisor assessment of laboratory skills 15%
Research Thesis Minor written thesis (4000 words) 70%
The Research Project will be assessed by: the minor written thesis (70%) of 4000 words due at the end of semester; an oral presentation (10 mins + 5 mins question time) due towards the end of semester during a research seminar organised by the unit coordinator (15%); and the supervisor's assessment of research competence, based upon the student's contributions to the project design and completion (15%).

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